Mum in stitches after almost giving sex toy to her son after Amazon mix up

Mum in stitches after almost giving sex toy to her son after Amazon mix up

Kayley Stocker had bought her son a Spiderman lamp on Amazon for his third birthday and was beginning to wrap it up when she noticed it had an odd shape so decided to open it to check

A mum almost gave her three-year-old son a sex toy for his birthday after it was sent to her in a delivery mix up – and only noticed when she was wrapping the box and thought it was an odd shape.

Kayley Stocker, 30, ordered a Spiderman lamp for her three-year-old son, Jenson, and the item was delivered to their home by Amazon.

She went to go wrap the present and noticed the box was an unusual shape for a lamp, so Kayley, from Cambridge, decided to open the box to check what was inside -and she was in for a shock.

In the package was a vibrating flesh light that makes ‘real orgasm sounds’, and Kayley said she was thankful she checked before giving it to her son as he would have wanted to keep it.

Kayley, a health and safety manager, said: “When I realised what it was I just couldn’t believe it. It was a giant flesh light and it came with a big leaflet saying that it comes with real orgasm sounds.

“I could have given it to my son, I only opened the package because I thought it was a weird shape for the lamp to fit in.

“If I had given it to my son I reckon he would have wanted to keep it and take it to nursery because he gets attached his things and he loves his things.

“I wouldn’t be able to get it away from him so I’m lucky that my son isn’t taking a flesh light to nursery with him.”

Photos show the item arrived in a black and red package with only Chinese writing on, so Kayley was unable to read what it said.

She quickly took a video of her and the crude discovery, which she sent to friends and family.

Kayley said: “I was on the phone to my friends at the time and I told them they weren’t going to believe it and then we thought maybe my partner had ordered it.

“I checked the order number and the number for the lamp was the same as the number for the sex toy so he got away with it.

“We switched it on to see what it does and it started vibrating all over the kitchen counter then we couldn’t work out how to turn it off.”

Kayley claims she reached out to Amazon who gave her a full refund for the £19.97 lamp and £5 in compensation.

Kayley said: “I rang Amazon and told someone that I’d been delivered some kind of sex robot and he immediately put me on hold so I knew he was laughing.

“Amazon said I could keep it but what was I supposed to do with it.

“Jenson loves anything superhero so I was fuming because he really wanted the lamp and the flesh light had taken three weeks to turn up so I had to get him something else but I found it funny in the end.”

Amazon confirmed the situation has since been resolved.