Cottage ‘frozen in time’ after soldier ‘vanished’ leaving dusty boots by the door

Cottage ‘frozen in time’ after soldier ‘vanished’ leaving dusty boots by the door

An urban explorer has shared his incredible photos inside “The Guard’s House” in Wales – a property believed to be owned by a solider who “vanished without having time to retrieve his belongings”

An abandoned cottage left abandoned by its owner 25 years ago looks as if it’s been stuck in time.

“The Guard’s House” or “The Blue House,” as it’s locally known in Anglesey, Wales, caught the attention of urban explorer Kyle, who took pictures to try and find out more about the property’s history.

Inside, the surfaces are coated with a thick layer of dust and cobwebs, and the floor is coated with debris, which Kyle told North Wales Live are signs that the home has been empty for at least 25 years, which explains why the flooring is starting to collapse on the upper level.

Old photographs dotted around the property, along with a pair of old boots covered in a thick layer of dust could indicate that a soldier formerly lived at the property – but, why he never returned home will always be a mystery.

Kyle went inside the property with his partner earlier this year.

He said: “After the long trek up the track, we were finally greeted by the old-styled looking house now missing its once lovely blue door.

“Once inside it was clear that some of the rooms had been stripped back to nothing but a shell where furniture once stood.

“However bits of furniture were downstairs and the odd photo clinging to the wall but nothing compared to the upstairs bedroom which was left frozen in time with the beds still standing.

“The desk where family memories and photos were sprawled across and of course the iconic guards uniform folded neatly on the chair as if someone had folded it up and planned to wear it the very next day accompanied by the set of old man’s boots on the nearby chair.”

The house was given two names because little is known about its former occupants, he explained.

The Guard’s House name came about because of the photographs and items inside and locals believe “he once lived there and vanished without having time to retrieve his belongings”, Kyle said.

“The Blue House name came about mainly due to the fancy blue wallpaper In the upstairs bedroom and downstairs living room area and the blue front door that once lived on the property.

“Overall I’d say I’d put it in my top ten explorations so far within Wales and certainly a strange feeling knowing that it had just been left to rot and decay over the years since the last occupant vacated.”