Watch YouTube couple sift through $100,000 worth of filth-covered vintage video games in hoarder’s home

Watch YouTube couple sift through $100,000 worth of filth-covered vintage video games in hoarder’s home

To what lengths would you go to score $20,000 worth of collectible vintage video games? Would you wade through garbage, mouse droppings and cockroaches? That is exactly what a YouTubing couple did when they braved a hoarder’s house to land valuable titles like Fire Emblem, Plasma Sword, and Suikoden.

Some enterprising and quite frankly brave YouTubers stumbled upon a cache of video games in an abandoned house worth more than $100,000. The house contained a room that had been locked for 20 years. Inside were hundreds if not thousands of vintage video games, many of which were still factory sealed.

It all started a few weeks ago when Amy and Corbin, the operators of the YouTube channel Cheap Finds Gold Mines got an Instagram notification from a viewer about a hoarder’s house scheduled for demolition. They were told there were many priceless video games in the home. So they arranged to go through them and pay the owner’s family for some of the collection.

Unprepared for what awaited them, Amy and Corbin showed up in flip-flops and shorts only to find the conditions of the roach- and mouse-infested house explained why it and any contents left behind were being demolished. However, seeing the quality of the items and with six other collectors ready to go through the filth, the duo was not willing to leave and go home to get more appropriate attire. Warning: It is somewhat gross.

After sifting through the piles of used, resealed, and factory-sealed games, Cheap Finds Gold Mines walked away with about one-fifth of the gold mine. After price-charting every game, the pair estimates they got $20,200 worth of collectible games. Some of the more desirable items they will be keeping in their personal collection, including Twisted Metal 2 (x2), Resident Evil Directors Cut, Resident Evil Nemesis for Game Cube, Zelda: Wind Waker, and several other games, all factory sealed.

The only unsealed game the couple kept was Fire Emblem, which even unsealed is worth about $300. All totaled, their personal picks have an estimated value of over $4,000 before having them graded. They sold the bulk of the one-and-a-half truckloads of games at a discount to fellow collector and YouTuber Caleb from Phoenix Resale for $3,185. After having them graded, Cheap Finds Gold Mines will post the rest of the haul to their eBay store.