Mum fumes as brother-in-law bans children from his wedding but allows dogs

Mum fumes as brother-in-law bans children from his wedding but allows dogs

A woman took to Mumsnet to ask whether she was being unreasonable for calling out her brother-in-law for not inviting her son – their own nephew – to their wedding

A mum was left fuming after her brother-in-law and his wife-to-be banned children from their wedding but encouraged guests to bring their dogs.

The woman recently received an invitation to her brother-in-law’s wedding in December.

But when she saw that her son hadn’t been included on the invite, she was furious, reports Birmingham Live.

“For some background information, we were not on speaking terms with my in-laws for a couple of years for various reasons, until we announced that we were expecting our first child (their first grandchild and nephew), who arrived in April,” she explained on Mumsnet’s Am I Being Unreasonable forum.

“Since then we have all made effort and met a few times, and all has seemed pleasant,” she explained.

“They will have therefore known that [darling son] would be seven months old at the time of their wedding in December, and thus too young to be apart from us for three days (they are hosting their wedding on the South Coast, whilst we live in the Midlands and don’t have a car).

“We were therefore very surprised (and disappointed) when our son was not included on the invitation, and their event website confirmed that children are not invited, yet they have said that guests are welcome to bring their dogs!”

So her husband wrote to his brother explaining that their son would be too young to be apart from them for the three days (and that he will still be breastfed), “but he replied by reiterating that children were not invited (including his own nephew).”

She continued: “To say we are stunned is an understatement, to say that dogs are welcome but his own nephew isn’t!

“We are now facing two choices, we either decline to go at all, or try to speak to my [parents-in-law].”

She concluded her post by asking users whether she’s unreasonable for thinking her brother-in-law and fiancee are being unfair for not allowing their own nephew to attend.

While many people sympathised with her, they said it was the couple’s big day so they could do what they want.

One wrote: “Just decline the invite. It’s their wedding and they’re entitled to say no children.”

And another commented: “It’s totally up to the couple. You can either go or not. Letting dogs go is also their choice.”